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Big Stick Energy
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Big Stick Energy – E33 – The Yassification of Freeride – Hank Stowers

Tori Anderson & Renee McCurdy June 6, 2022

Hank (they/he/she) is a freeride skier based in Portland, Oregon who recently released a two-part film project called ‘Maritime Air’. Hank is all about finding spaces for for freeride on Mt Hood (typically known for racing and park skiing). With a passion for equity and inclusion in snow sports, they […]

Out Of Bounds
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The Out Of Bounds

Out Of Bounds – E196 – Hilary McCloy @HilaryMcCloy – @H/ Sean McDowell – Sperry’s Head of Design & Former Nike VP of Design

Adam Jaber April 12, 2022

Out Of Bounds Podcast E196 with Hilary McCloy and Sean McDowell We’ve got two great guests this week — First up is Hilary McCloy, who’s a reoccurring guest on the Out of Bounds Podcast. Hilary, a former member of the US Ski Team, is now a Physical Therapist who resides […]