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Out of Bounds – E293 – Cody Cirillo Goes for a Long Bike Ride

Joe DeBlasio July 8, 2024

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Out of Bounds – E293 – Cody Cirillo Goes for a Long Bike Ride

Hello, hello, hello and welcome to a brand-new episode of The Out Of Bounds podcast, right here on The Out of Collective Network. This week we welcome back our friend and yours, Cody Cirllo back to the show.Cody is a pro skier and the creative director for Faction and who joined us as one of our first guests on episode 21 back in 2018 talking about @honeyhousebus and all things Protect our Winters. But today we catch him further down the road, having just completed a ridiculous bike trip. He and Matthew Tufts circumnavigated Iceland solely on bike the entire time with skis strapped along for the journey. Five weeks and over 1700 km later, there are plenty of stories to tell. Soley on bike means vulnerability; physical, mental and emotional. Feeling all of everything everyday this trip was the definition of it’s about the journey, not the finish line.Cody is able to laugh and look back on this expedition fondly, sharing a glimpse of what it means to truly explore. We look forward to the future film project that will come from this. But the lesson has been learned, “Doing miserable things and being miserable, turns out isn’t all that miserable.” Nothing lasts forever good or bad so just step back and take it all in and push your comfort zones. As always do not forget you can also find this interview and so much more on our YouTube channel, so be sure to like and subscribe.

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