Out of Bounds – E226 – Malou Peterson – Sweden, Skiing and Social Media w/Malou

Adam Jaber November 7, 2022

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Out of Bounds – E226 – Malou Peterson

Hello, hello, hello and welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Out Of Bounds podcast, right here on The Out of Collective Network. Host Adam Jaber is joined this week by guest Malou Petereson. Malou is a pro skier from Sweden. She skis full time and gets paid for it, but not from contests and skiing competitively. She has built a career by connecting with a global audience thanks to social media. What could possibly be the downside of traveling and skiing for a living? She and Adam discuss the pros and cons of having a career she didn’t even know existed until a few years ago. The interview dives deep into the topic of social media; the power of influencers as role models especially in Sweden and a new platform for storytelling. They also talk the aggravation of algorithms, compensation transparency, men’s and women’s’ skis and her new project called “The Joy of Skiing” online this fall. Enjoy this full episode wherever you listen to your pods and watch along as well on YouTube!

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