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End Of Summer Skier Checklist

Charlie Walker September 14, 2022

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End Of Summer Skier Checklist

It must be September because mega passes are pushing buy now propaganda and hiking their prices in a final money grab. But the good news is that it is September, which means it’s almost October. And October might as well be November. And we’re skiing in November! But, are you ready? Hard no. Lucky for you, we here at The Out Of Collective have put together a little End Of Summer Skier Checklist for you to go over, as warmer days start to wind down, and help get you ready for winter!

Dude, Where Are My Skis?

It’s time to dust them off if you can find ’em. Are they in your basement? The garage? Did you leave them in your truck all summer like a savage? My guess is once you actually locate them, they probably need a little TLC to get ready for the season. Now is the time. Beat the rush. Check-in at your favorite local ski shop and treat them to a fresh coat of wax and sharpen those edges. Dirtbag cheap, or just more of a do-it-yourselfer? You have probably two months to study YouTube videos on tuning. And another few weeks to screw up, and redo them again and again until you get it right.

Ski Tuning Picture
Photo courtesy of Nastar

Shop It Like Its Hot

If you’re like me, you can never have too much gear when it comes to skiing. Do you need more? Absolutely not, but it’s fun, and what better time to make some questionable unnecessary purchases? Deals are all over the place. Companies are dumping last year’s model everything to make way for the new versions that have likely only changed their color scheme in the past 6 months. And if you like that fresh-out-of-box smell, there are tons of gear guides and product reviews coming out as we speak, on the latest and greatest in outerwear and hardgoods. So dive in and nerd out on some gear research until we wait for the flakes to fall.

A preview of what’s to come in our own 2023 Winter Gear Guide.
Shout out Shane McFalls.


You heard me. F*ck off and go ride your bike. Touch Grass. Do anything, just move that ass. Whether you’ve been seaside, lakeside, or tv side this summer, odds are your body is not ready for ski season. Ski muscles are different. So it’s time to find them and use them. Honestly, doing anything will be a step in the right direction and help ease the pain after your first full day back in boots on the hill. Do a squat or one lunge. Maybe even look into this “stretching” fad that’s going around. Just like your skis probably need to be tuned, you do too. We don’t all need to look like John Collinson but trust me your legs will thank you come winter if you put just a little work in now.

John Collinson Pullups
Ski muscles are built different and apparently all of @johncollinson muscles are built different.

Stoke The Stoke

Best way to get hyped for the season? Watch some porn. Ski porn, you sickos. There’s a reason new ski movies come out every fall like pumpkin spice everything. It’s to get everyone excited about the winter ahead. Live vicariously through your favorite athletes as they shred exotic locations you’ll never visit, and huck cliffs you’re too puckered for. Not sure where to watch what? We have you covered with all the latest films coming out in The Out Of Collective Trailer Park.

Out Of Collective Trailer Park

Brace Yourself

We’re almost there. Don’t stop be-leafing. Fall will be over before you know it. Keep your eyes on the pies! Fall is an a-maize-ing and boo-tiful season, full of gourd-geous scenery. But winter is coming and we’ll all live apple’y ever after! Flake it til you make it. Ok I know that was a latte pun, so I’ll leaf you alone. Likely fired now. So, enjoy ski season, it really is coming!

winter is coming meme

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