Should Freeskiing “Button Up”?

Adam Jaber April 4, 2022 255

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Recently I got to sit down with Ahmet Dadali and talk skiing, the olympics, and getting paid.

Ahmet Dadali

Ahmet is right, when Freeskiing was introduced to the Olympics, the whole freeski scene was forced to take a look at itself and get it together so that skiers could be better understood by the mainstream viewers & audience or as Ahmet says, “button up”. Relatability is something that can’t be overlooked.

I don’t know that we have to keep doing that. Do we even still do that? Furthermore, do people even give a damn about what happens in olympic competition anymore?

Things like X Games Real Ski, Competing in more “soul” events like Steel City Showdown, or even just getting a banger YouTube segment presented by a Level1, Slvsh or any other media outlet, matter more to me. Yet again, look to snowboarding for inspiration in Natural Selection. We tune into that without the need for Olympic dollars, and it’s working. For more on this see Kyle Smaine’s article on our site here.

Buttoning up for more money seems like conforming to an old ideology that shouldn’t be relevant in 2022. Everyone’s got a platform, everyone’s got their own vibe, so run that. If you’re a suit and tie, and you feel good in that, run that. If you’re a clean shaven, hair slicked back, well-spoken type, run that. If you’re Henrik barking at everything, run that.

Now, don’t mistake me for someone who thinks you shouldn’t do what you need to do to make the cash you need, and I’ll never judge a decision an athlete makes if it get’s their financial situation right. At the end of the day, if you do what you do to make sure you’re good, no one else’s shit matters.

For now the question remains; are skiers sacrificing sponsor dollars for being “core”?

For the short of Ahmet talking about this, see below.

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