Care Less, Do More.

Care Less, Do More. – E15 – Mike Rogge

Joe DeBlasio June 13, 2023

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Care Less, Do More. – E15 – Mike Rogge

My guest on our show today has been a part of ski culture for a very long time; a journalist and film producer from the East Coast who has worked at Powder Magazine, Vice Sports and The Ski Journal. He moved to Tahoe and started a family while simultaneously reviving a magazine by the name of Mountain Gazette through his company Verb Cabin. In 2020, Mike went out on a limb purchasing Mountain Gazette as other magazines were going out of business and disappearing in number. To date, Mountain Gazette has sold out of every copy and is growing. Mike is a sucker for nostalgia and flipped the traditional magazine model to bring his customers a high quality print magazine that is far too big to bring on an airplane.

Where did I get the name Care Less, Do More? It’s a thought that I have often meaning care less about what people think of you, about the noise, about the chirping on social media and just do more. Get outside, put your phones down and do more. 

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