Care Less, Do More. – E14 – Amy Hammer

Joe DeBlasio April 11, 2023

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Care Less, Do More. – E14 – Amy Hammer

Amy Hammer grew up in Lake Tahoe surrounded by mountains and big blue lakes. We played competitive soccer together and against each other and raced down mountains as children. Amy went on to garner a few creative and medical degrees, a BA in journalism, BS in environmental studies and nursing and MSN nurse practitioner as well as spending years teaching movement with yoga, fitness and all types of skiing. She has dedicated decades to sustainable food and environmentalism before becoming and author of two books. She writes entertaining, science-based and actionable books that empower you to take the best possible care of your reproductive and overall health. Her first book published in 2021 is titled How to Grow a Baby and her second book published this year is titled Cycles and dives into the menstrual cycle and cycles across the lifespan. On a personal note, as an athlete, I started to research the menstrual cycle and how it might effect my mental and physical state pertaining to skiing professionally. What I discovered changed the way that I treat myself and empowered me with knowledge. I’ve been highly anticipating this conversation with Amy as I truly feel like this information isn’t well known and the knowing helps us all to be better to ourselves and more understanding of where we are at.

Where did I get the name Care Less, Do More? It’s a thought that I have often meaning care less about what people think of you, about the noise, about the chirping on social media and just do more. Get outside, put your phones down and do more. 

Arcteryx – No matter how you try to pronounce it, Arcteryx means excellence. Born in and for the Coast Mountains of BC, their apparel was truly built to test all conditions the outdoors can throw at you. It’s this Mountain Effect that has produced some of the toughest most versatile apparel for your next outdoor expedition.

Peak Skis – If you thought there were enough skis already on the market you were wrong. There’s room for new skis on the block when they bring something new to offer and that’s what Peak Skis are doing. Bode Miller incorporates 30 years of design acumen into designing skis with the knowledge that great skis aren’t tough to ski on, great skis are fun to ski on!

Darn Tough – Name says it all. Darn Tough Socks from Vermont, are exactly that. Merino wool and guaranteed for life. Treat your feet, you animal.

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