Care Less, Do More.

Care Less, Do More. – E28 – Madison Rose Ostergren

Adam Jaber December 12, 2023

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Care Less, Do More. – E28 – Madison Rose Ostergren

Professional skier Madison Rose Ostergren is originally from Michigan. Madison spent the better part of her childhood learning how to perfect the ski turn as a racer. She and her family moved out to Utah and the free ride scene ultimately swayed her. She started shooting photos, sending cliffs, stomping massive backflips and eventually found herself sponsored and chasing the dream. Madison is a ball of energy, she’s been playing the ukulele since high school, is working on an album, just set the women’s fastest known time on her first ever supported effort in the notorious Jackson Hole Picnic that includes biking from town square, a swim across the lake, climbing the grand and repeating in reverse. She’s clearly super fit and spends much of her time “training” in odd ways like rollerblading 75 miles. She’s a fun haver and her energy is contagious.

Aspen Snowmass – Make all the Dumb and Dumber or Aspen Extreme jokes you want. Real skiers know Aspen is it. With four separate mountains, there’s enough space and varied terrain for all ages and abilities. Add in the ease of slopeside lodging and access to the airport, and it makes Aspen your go to destination this winter! Aspen Snowmass – Enjoy The View From Above!

Rumpl –  Code: OUTOFBOUNDS – Weatherproof all-season blankets, made from recyclable materials and super packable. Ideal for camping, picnics, beach days and just being damn f’ing cozy.

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