Care Less, Do More.

Care Less, Do More. – E13 – JT Holmes

Ethan March 28, 2023 1

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JT Holmes happened to meet Shane McConkey at the age of 14 and upon learning that Shane was a professional skier, JT became determined to follow in his footsteps. At 17 he picked up his first sponsors and started filming while competing in big-mountain competitions. He had a breakout performance in Matchstick Productions’ 1998 film, Sixth Sense, and since then has appeared in more than 30 ski films. At 22, JT did his first base jump on a bridge in Idaho and that lead him to wingsuit flying and eventually combining skiing and base jumping with ski-base jumping. He’s meticulously thought out some pretty incredible feats combining a multitude of sports with the parachute and skis which took years of planning to execute perfectly. Eventually, he picked up speed riding, another winged sport with, perhaps, less consequence. If he’s not skiing or flying, JT also loves off-road racing and is now a stunt coordinator for Hollywood film productions. He’s been in Transformers 3, which earned him a Taurus World Stunt Award, Hangover 3, Godzilla, Fast and Furious 7 and so many more. He’s basically the modern-day, real-life James Bond.

Where did I get the name Care Less, Do More? It’s a thought that I have often meaning care less about what people think of you, about the noise, about the chirping on social media and just do more. Get outside, put your phones down, and do more. 

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JT Holmes: Shane’s Protege to Partner In Crime

Throwback to the Eiger

GoPro Line of the winter


Palisades Tahoe – One iconic destination, two distinctly different mountains now connected and offering over 6,000 skiable acres. Come for California’s largest ski resort, stay for the gnar. 

Anon – Look cool, see better. Anon helmets and goggles are the perfect pair for your skull this skiing and riding season. They are sleek, stylish, and lightweight with the durability you would expect as part of the Burton family.

Arcteryx – No matter how you try to pronounce it, Arcteryx means excellence. Born in and for the Coast Mountains of BC, their apparel was truly built to test all conditions the outdoors can throw at you. It’s this Mountain Effect that has produced some of the toughest most versatile apparel for your next outdoor expedition.

Peak Skis – If you thought there were enough skis already on the market you were wrong. There’s room for new skis on the block when they bring something new to offer and that’s what Peak Skis are doing. Bode Miller incorporates 30 years of design acumen into designing skis with the knowledge that great skis aren’t tough to ski on, great skis are fun to ski on!

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