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Charlie Walker March 3, 2023 1

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Jessie Diggins Wins World Championship Gold!

You know the terrible part of skiing where you awkwardly duck walk up hill and get exhausted. Cross country skiing is that. Just that. But done for distance and time and it’s considered a competitive sport. It’s what telemarker skiers would do if they were athletic. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it stupid hard? Also yes. It’s probably the reason us fat lazy Americans aren’t all that good at it on a global scale. And until today no man or woman had ever won a gold medal at the World Championships. Enter Jessie frickin Diggins.

On Tuesday, Jessie skied to the first individual gold medal in US cross-country skiing history, finishing first in the 10km freestyle event at the World Championships in Slovenia. She won by 14 seconds, which I have no idea, but seems like a lot? And for those not familiar with Jessie, this is no fluke. Jessie is a 3 time Olympic Medalist (one of every color), now 6x World Championship Medalist (2x of each color, 14 Word Cup Victories, 46 podiums and two season titles. She is a beast, a champion, and gosh darn it she’s an American! So take that all you Euro horizontal and uphill skiing sickos! Our girl is golden, and at least for today, red white and blue is waving proud and true as the world’s best in cross-country skiing! From all of us at The Out of Collective, congrats Jessie! Oh and come on the pods. Adam X says he’ll teach you how to tele!

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