Out of Bounds – E239 – Zipfit and Foot Stuff w/ Jeff Colt

Adam Jaber February 6, 2023 2

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Out of Bounds – E239 – Zipfit and Foot Stuff w/ Jeff Colt

Hello, hello, hello and welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Out Of Bounds podcast, right here on The Out of Collective Network. This week on the show Adam welcomes Zip Fit Brand Director, Jeff Colt to the program. In the winters Jeff helps Zip-Fit test ski boot liners, manages their athlete team, and handles all of their customer facing content. And while his job may be about protecting your feet, he spends his summers training and running ultramarathons, destroying his feet. The interview, jumps right in with hard hitting questions like, why would you do that? How do you do that? And are all ultra-marathoners socio-paths? In all seriousness there were some important questions asked and answered in this episode. Jeff gives us the low down on what Zip-Fit is, and who benefits from it.  They are not you’re your run of the mill ski boot liner, it’s a revolutionary update and approach to the shells inner boot. He and Adam get into all of the details, and specs that make this product a perfect fit for pretty much every type of skier out there. They also discuss Zip-Fits new partnership with Fischer, how it came about, and what’s on the horizon for the future. Thanks to Jeff for coming on the show for a large dose of foot talk. Enjoy this full episode wherever you listen to your pods and watch along as well on YouTube!

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  1. Dave on March 3, 2024

    One interesting note, in regards to your ‘casual skier’ getting in only 20-30 days a year. I think that depends a lot on where you live. Where I live, folks who get up for 15-20 days a year are considered serious… It takes a lot to get to the mountains, for us. Were we to live close to and/or in the mountains, I can see your point.

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