Out Of Bounds – E214 – Catching Up With Caroline Gleich

Adam Jaber August 15, 2022

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This week on The Out Of Bounds podcast Adam welcomes back Caroline Gleich. Caroline is one of the most positive personalities in the outdoor industry. She’s an accomplished

Professional Ski Mountaineer and Activist originally from Minnesota, now based in Park City. She and Adam discuss her role with Protect Our Winters where Caroline has been a driving force in influencing climate policy through the lens of snow sports and the outdoors. Testifying on the impact of climate change to Congress 6x has shown her firsthand how slow Federal policy takes to develop, but how important it is along with grassroots movements to shift the needle in a positive direction.  Caroline believes the best activism comes from a place of joy and happiness and she truly believes and embodies that to the fullest.

The rest of the pod discusses the struggles of activism in social media, but pushing through despite rapid fire blocking, fear of the comments, and a world of sad people with too much time on their hands. And true to her nature, she doesn’t believe in putting up walls and getting thicker skin. She wants to stay sensitive and empathetic and focus on better coping skills and tools for resiliency. Caroline gives us a look into her recent trip to Pakistan to climb the world’s 13th tallest peak. And she recaps the disappointment and intuition involved after having to pull the plug without even ever seeing the mountain after encountering GI trouble on G2. We also hear about her partnership with Elan and other sponsors, as well as get a chance to discuss her side of the Mountain Gazette article about PPE loans during the pandemic. Listen to the full episode now, and watch it on YouTube!


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