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REVIEW: How Does Oakley’s DRT5 Helmet Stack Up?

Adam Jaber May 9, 2022 637 2 5

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An OOC REVIEW: How Does Oakley’s DRT5 Helmet Stack Up?

For the the last month plus, I’ve been pretty much exclusively running Oakley’s DRT5 ( I thinkDRT is my least favorite favorite abbreviated version of Dirt, but I digress), and wanted to provide some thoughts on how it compares to other helmets in the category. So, how does Oakley’s DRT5 Helmet stack up? – Oakley DRT Helmet Review

The Lid – Oakley DRT5 Mips, $200 U.S

The Highlights –

There’s actually a few things that immediately separate this particular helmet from many others for me.

  • For starters, X-Static “Brow Padding” seems like a ridiculous thing, but it might actually be one of the best things about this skull protector. It’s this rubbery, horizontally-finned, rubber strip that acts as a sweat guard. It not only helps reduce the sweat soaked puddle following most warm weather rides that occurs with most helmets, but also makes the fit a tad more comfortable.
  • The DRT features a very slick Boa 360 dial & fit system that is non-intrusive and actually just cool to look at. Sleek is seldom used to describe a Boa system, but that comes to mind here.
  • The visor is very adjustable, like very. From enduro-bro to XC, there’s a flap level that’ll suit your brim preference.
  • I’m a Greg Minnaar goober, that adds +1 point regardless.

The Fit:

Available sizes: S (52-56cm) M (54-58cm) L(56-60cm) Tested: L

  • My head is huge (literally, but potentially figuratively as well) so I don’t usually find things that fit me well in a large. Often I find myself stuck in an oversized L/XL (like Troy Lee Design’ A2) or a way too f’ing small Large (think POC Tectal). This was pretty spot on, the length was perfect, and the width is tolerable. After 2-3 hours with lid on, it still fit well and wasn’t painful at any point.
  • One of the negatives here, the inner side of the helmet is very minimalistic. While it does come with extra padding, I’d question the fit on someone with less hair. Bald, as they say. It’s just very exposed.
  • I’d also like to see both smaller & larger sizes here. S, M, & L are just not enough for a company as big as Oakley to offer.

Fashion // Function –

As some people know, I like style. It’s a very important thing to me, but I’ll never sacrifice function for that reason. Luckily, here I don’t have to do that at all.

  • The venting is big enough, but not an open container, and is pretty well placed.
  • I do wish sunglasses fit a bit better into the vent holes upfront, that’s a small detail that I’d like to see more MTB helmet manufacturers pay closer attention to. Everyone rides with glasses these days. The rear-mounted sunny holders are weird and look like stow-away spoilers. This is very much a personal opinion here.
  • All of the features that I mentioned in the intro, work perfectly. The 360 BOA through Not Sweaty Rubber (OOC Trademark Pending)
  • The swag factor; is high. This helmet looks good. It’s clean, has that longer look that most enduro-ey helmets seem to run these days, and is pretty minimalist with the branding.
  • I do wish the colors varied a bit more. Black is good, white is necessary, but let’s flash it up a bit, eh Oakley?

All in all:

This is a dang good helmet for $200. It’s not cheap, but it’s not overpriced just because it’s an Oakley.

I’m a fan.

Fit: 6  Function: 8 Fashion: 8.5

Score: 7.5/10


To Shop — www.OutofCollective.com

For more gear reviews — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs1Y1BNWCqV-8rioCq_frIg


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