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REVIEW: Snüx Labs Ski Sock & Overboot

Adam Jaber March 17, 2024

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REVIEW: Snüx Labs Ski Sock & Overboot

Snüx Labs makes the science work for you. Using their proprietary CozyTech Merino and Rubber, they’ve created an optimal fit for their socks, with unconditional warmth. They also make great boot gloves to keep anyone going in any weather.

The Ski Sock OTC

Price: $28

snux overbootSnux sock

I’ve spent a lot of time in ski socks in my life. Coincidentally, they’re one of the things I’m most picky about. The wrong sock can make your ski boots feel significantly different, they can also make you colder, sweatier, or just generally less comfortable. We don’t give our ski socks enough credit, because when they do the job well, they don’t get noticed.

Hopefully, I can give Snüx’s Ski Sock enough credit today, because I’ve got nothing to complain about, and plenty of notables to rave about. The biggest thing for me is fit, and they knocked that out of the park. There’s no weird heel pocket displacement, and no extra toe space, but they’re not too restrictive.

The 23.5-micron merino wool and renewed material blend that makes up Cozytech, just plain works. Your sock should be a good temperature regulator, and that’s exactly the case here. It’s not that the sock made me warm, it’s that it kept me at the temp I started at. Even when ski touring, I never felt like I was sweating profusely, so 10/10 in this category.

Pricing-wise, these are competitive with the other socks in the category, even though I’d argue a lot of the R&D done by Snux is more in-depth than some of the bigger brands. $28 and you get yourself a solid pair of reliable socks that you’ll never want to lose.

The Overboot

Pricing: $88

Snux overboot


Look, I’m not going to tell you that adding a boot cover to my endless pile of gear was ever a thing on my ski bingo card. It wasn’t, but I’m glad I own a pair now. The Overboot is what the brand hangs its hat on. Award-winning and industry-leading, if you are going to try your first overboot, the Snüx one is the place to start.

As I mentioned previously, for the extra-cold, this is a must-have. It’s like having a boot heater, except you don’t need to worry about charging any batteries. It’s also an extremely effective tool to have when you’re boot packing, which I had honestly not even thought of as a practical use initially, but staying dry and warm is nice, so here we are.

Yes, it also fits over a Boa boot. No, you can’t access the dial without going around the outside of the boot cover, but it’s still nice that it fits.

One of the reasons I never considered an overboot is because they’ve always looked sort of trashy. This is different. This is complete “drip” or “swag” or whatever you want to call it, it looks GOOD. Somehow it made an already expensive-looking ski boot even more Gucci. So if you’re not sold on the fit, the warmth, or the Cozytech rubber, get sold on the swag.


All in all, Snüx is showing a strong commitment to its product development and technology that is noteworthy. They’ve been in business since 2020, and with what they’ve shown so far, the future of the brand is looking cozy.


If you’re looking for an excellent deal, Snüx has you covered here using code SNUXSOCKOOC .

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