Pod Recap – Out Of Bounds – Episode 185

Adam Jaber January 28, 2022 116

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Pod Recap – Out Of Bounds – Episode 185 – Caroline Claire, Nick Sargent & Michelle Parker

Welcome back to Pod Recaps, giving you the quick hit of pods across the Out of Collective’s Network of shows. Adam gives us another monster episode with a trio of superb guests across the ski industry. On this week’s Out of Bounds podcast he welcomes Caroline Claire, Nick Sargent, and Michelle Parker. Sit back and get comfortable because this was a long episode. Do you know what else is comfortable? Darn Tough Socks. Skiing, running, hiking, hunting, whatever; Best darn socks period. And big shout out to them for sponsoring this week’s killer episode. Now let’s get into it and meet our guests!

Caroline Claire

Caroline Claire is a slopestyle skier who is headed back to Beijing for her second Olympics. And just because you’ve been to one doesn’t mean you know what to expect for another. Add in the fact it’s in China and during a pandemic, things will definitely be different. She’s also coming off some injuries including a partially torn ACL, and a broken shoulder blade. But she’s made finals in her most recent comps and is reagaining her confidence and trending in the right direction. Caroline will be competing in both slopestyle and big air. She and Adam also talk her roots coming out of Mt Snow Academy and Stratton Mtn School and growing up in a boarding school style education with a skiing focus. The topic of transparency of money in the sport continues to be an ongoing topic as well. Good listen and good luck in Beijing Caroline!

Out Of Bounds Caroline Claire

Nick Sargent

Guest number two this week on Out of Bounds is Nick Sargent. Nick is the President of SIA, Snowsports Industries America. SIA is the winter industry’s non-profit trade association, supporting its members through insightful research, education, and events while advocating for issues that impact the future of the industry. Their mission statement put simply is, to help the winter outdoor community thrive! What is it that they do? Most people know SIA as the trade show and very consumer focused. They basically invented the idea of a trade show, where retailers see products first from a wholesaler. These days it’s all about the internet. And they’re trying to stay ahead of the curve with initiatives focused on inclusivity and climate. Nick and Adam talk about the challenges about making big picture change with those two massive obstacles in today’s outdoor industry. SIA reads through the analytics of what people are buying, what people are interested in, and how to meet people halfway and just get people outside. Nick has a lot of energy and is passionate about SIA, which to be honest I didn’t know existed. So if you’re like me you’ll definitely learn a lot in the full interview.

Michelle Parker

Last, and by absolutely no means least, Michelle Parker graces us with her presence on the pod. In the episode intro, he calls her the nicest human being he’s ever talked to in his entire life. And he’s probably right. Michelle is a Tahoe local and legend. She grew up racing, shifted to park skiing, before following the path of her heroes like Shane McConkey and Ingrid Backstrom into big mountain freeride skiing. She’s been filming big parts in major ski movies ever since and is also a Redbull sponsored athlete. She’s constantly evolving and learning in the mountains and has kept her relevant through a significant career. And it also keeps it interesting for her. Her stoke is real and genuine.

Michelle Parker

She credits a lot of that to the tight-knit multi-generational community in the Sierras. She and Adam also chat about the influence of social media and how that entwines itself with the business side of skiing. Michelle likes taking photos and giving back and sharing content and the stoke but only seems to do so when it feels natural. She has a large following but still considers herself an athlete first not an influencer. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have pull and knows how to swing it around. She’s pushed women’s roles in skiing forward and is also an outspoken climate change activist. She’s the best and so is the interview. Hope you enjoyed the recap but you’ll enjoy the full listen more. Give us a review if you’re feeling generous, we really do value your feedback. Talk to you next week, cheers!

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