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Pod Recap – The Pursuit – Episode 44

Charlie Walker January 28, 2022 33

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Pod Recap – The Pursuit – Episode 44 – DIY w/Full Send Ski Co

Short and sweet this week says Mr. Adam X. The boys are busy this week at Outdoor Retailer, but not too busy to drop the latest episode of The Pursuit. This week’s guest is Doug from Full Send Ski Company. South Dakota’s only ski company. And Adam X goes right for it, with what many of you are thinking, and simply asks “Why?”. Follow along here for the recap and some of Doug’s answers but don’t forget to give the episode a full listen and leave us some feedback. Preferably in the form of five stars wherever you listen to your pods. Cheers!Snowlerblade Full Send Ski Co


Full Send Ski Co.

Doug’s simple answer to why? He’s stubborn, he likes building things and always has. Doug has no plans on stopping any time soon and isn’t in it to make money. His inspiration comes from wanting to blend the best of his favorite skis out there. And he makes all types of skis,  from all-mountain, park, powder, even a mono ski and something called a snowlerblade. All handcrafted, and even custom-made to order. It’s small-batch ski making at its finest. Small scale with love and attention to detail, and he does it all by himself.


Wait did we say snowlerblade? Was that a typo? No, it’s a real thing and maybe the coolest thing Doug and Full Send make. These are not your average ski blades. These are back-country powder touring ski blades.

Doug essentially cut powder skis in half, added a deep swallowtail, and shrank up the sidecut radius as well. These things are, well, FULL SEND! And, the tagline is, “Because life’s too short for long skis.” They are so fun and kind of this company and Doug in a nutshell. One of a kind. Check them out at https://www.fullsendskico.com/ and just give Doug a call and tell em who sent ya!

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