Out of Bounds – E273 – Claudia Bastien

Adam Jaber October 9, 2023

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Out of Bounds – E273 – Claudia Bastien

Hello, hello, hello and welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Out Of Bounds podcast, right here on The Out of Collective Network. This week on the show we dive into the world of cold plunges with our guest, Claudia Bastien. Claudia, or @wandering_claud as she is known on social media, is a facilitator of cold-water therapy. She leads ice plunges, ice baths, all sorts of cold-water exposure and the breathwork that goes along with it to benefit both mental and physical health. A self-proclaimed masochist for the beauty of the outdoors she and Adam get into how she got into all of this. We also learn a little bit about the how and why freezing your tatas off is good for you and how it helps regulate the nervous system. She and Adam also explore the business aspect of taking this on now as a profession full time and how it aligns with her goals personally and professionally. We all know taking care of ourselves is important. But thanks to a pro like Claudia we now understand a very cool way to do it a little better. Check out her website, follow her on Instagram and listen to the full episode now wherever you get your pods. And as always do not forget you can also find this interview and so much more on our YouTube channel, so be sure to like and subscribe.

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