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REVIEW: Tifosi Sledge VS Sledge Lite

Adam Jaber July 25, 2023

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REVIEW: Tifosi Sledge VS Sledge Lite

Since 2003, Tifosi has taken pride in offering high-quality eyewear for a fraction of the price of the competition. Now, I know what you THINK that means, but it’s not that. The eyewear still boasts great attention to detail & craftsmanship that many of the “big brands” have. Today we take on some of the big-framed shades, the Sledge & Sledge Lite, and see (no pun intended) what they’re all about.

Tifosi Sledge

Price: $79.95

Let me open with the obvious, these are very similar sunglasses, likely for the same type of person, with a few key differentiating factors. In seven different colour options, the Sledge is keen to satisfy your ego with the matching kit of your dreams. It’s lightweight and large. Think about what your favourite Instagram influencer was wearing in that last post that grabbed your attention and this is the category of shade you’ll be hunting. With a big lens, seeing out of your peripherals is an easy check.

One of the things that bothers me about many oversized frames is the distortion caused by the lens. Happy to report, this was a non-issue. While there wasn’t anything spectacular about the lens quality, it did what it should, without doing anything that it shouldn’t. Is this a Prizm, Clarity, Chromapop, or whatever the heck kind of lens filter is popular these days? No. But it’s a solid lens, and it’s pretty dang resistant to scratches. Also worth noting, the lens is interchangeable and the kit comes with two varying types of glass for prime light optimization.

Overall, these are a solid B+ pair of sunglasses, which is about as good as I could have ever hoped for a pair of sub-$80 shades with three lenses. A++ in the value department.

Tifosi Sledge Lite

Price: $79.95

Sledge Lite

Same as the Sledge, the Sledge Lite offers lightweight construction, a quality build, and multiple lens options. Even more, matching is possible here with eight different frame colourways.

For me, the Sledge Lite is the move. No lower part of the frame, and easier to swap out your lens of choice, the function is certainly there, but it’s not just that. They just look better, and I don’t think it’s close. Normally, I like a full frame, but in the Sledge series, the framed version looks bulkier and you can see the lower frame in your periphery, which is kind of annoying at times. Free the frame.

Same story here when it comes to offering an insane value for a quality pair of eye covers. You really can’t go wrong with either set of Tifosis, but gun-to-head, I’m buying Sledge Lites.

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