Care Less, Do More. – E18 – Levi Leipheimer

Adam Jaber July 25, 2023

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Care Less, Do More. – E18 – Levi Leipheimer

Levi Leipheimer is a former professional American road racing cyclist from 1995 to 2012. Born and raised in Butte, Montana, growing up his main sport was skiing. After breaking his back in a downhill race at Jackson Hole he redirected his energy towards cycling. Growing up he chased his older brother of 7 years on his bike and when his brother graduated High School, Levi spent a lot of time alone on two wheels…not a very typical thing for a teenager in Butte, Montana, but he was inspired and had found something that he was driven by. There came a point in time when Levi decided to go all in with cycling which eventually led him to become one of the very top American cyclists. He wore a lot of yellow jerseys, won Olympic medals, won a stage in the Tour de France in 2007, 3 x winner of the Tour of California, and found himself racing in the Lance Armstrong era of road cycling.

Where did I get the name Care Less, Do More? It’s a thought that I have often meaning care less about what people think of you, about the noise, about the chirping on social media and just do more. Get outside, put your phones down and do more. 

Sierra – Still the best original craft beer in the game? Yup! But, don’t sleep on their new 0% ABV Hop Splash. It’s a refreshing alternative and still delivers an IPA-inspired hop kick.

Anon – Look cool, see better. Anon helmets and goggles are the perfect pair for your skull this skiing and riding season. They are sleek, stylish, and lightweight with the durability you would expect as part of the Burton family. 

Darn Tough – Name says it all. Darn Tough Socks from Vermont, are exactly that. Merino wool and guaranteed for life. Treat your feet, you animal.

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Levi’s Grand Fondo

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