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REVIEW: Comparing the Hoka Speedgoat & Tecton

Adam Jaber July 17, 2023 1

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Comparing the Hoka Speedgoat & Tecton

Leading off with some secret time, I’m not a runner but a complete shoe geek. Hoka has inserted itself as the premier trail running shoe brand & for a good reason. The options are aplenty, but as we all know, sometimes options lead to indecision. Think “What do you want to eat tonight?” type struggles.

If you’re looking for a new trail running shoe, I’m here to help by breaking down two of Hoka’s most popular options, the Tecton X2 & the Speedgoat 5.

Hoka Tecton X2

Price: $ 225 | Men’s Sizes: 7-14 


The Tecton is an 8.8oz trail running shoe made to be performance oriented. It’s got carbon fiber plates adding stiffness and responsiveness.

One of the things that was most exciting for me about this shoe is the wide toe box. Unlike a lot of trail shoes that tend to squeeze your forefoot, the Tecton lets those toes spread and breathe. Speaking of breathing, the Matryx Fast-Dry uppers in this shoe make them super breathable, even on the swampy, hot, disgusting days this summer in New England. Usually, I’m a size 11, and that stays true here.

tecton sole

As far as aesthetics, these things are hot. They come in three great colors and all feature that signature oversized “Hoka” logo that everyone loves.

To me, this is an excellent shoe for someone who is actually looking to put out a solid pace on the trail. There isn’t all that much cushion, but it’s certainly a performance-oriented pair

of kicks. It’s a higher price point than most Hokas, but if you’re trying to get every last bit out of those legs, it’s worthwhile.


Hoka Speedgoat

Price: $155 | Men’s Sizes: 7-14

When both of these shoes showed up, I immediately knew my bias was going to kick in. I’ve owned every single pair of Speedgoats ever. They were a game-changer in the beginning, and have continued on that path ever since.


At 10.3 oz, these are noticeably heavier than the Tecton. If I’m taking a wild guess, all that extra weight is stocked up in the cushion around the base of the shoe. With what feels like a two-inch cloud under your feet, these are one of, if not the most comfortable shoes on the market. For someone like myself, with lackluster knees and a not-so-small frame, these allow me to feel like I can keep going longer. Might be the only time I’ve ever said I can “keep going longer” ever.


Somehow, even with all the cushion, the shoe still has an excellent ground feel. They’re springy yet damp, and provide all the traction you need for hikes and more aggressive trail runs.

The new shape is a bit more streamlined from past renditions and gained some style points along the way. Worth noting, the toebox here feels noticeably narrower than the Tecton.



Even though these shoes might seem similar on paper, they’re really ideal for two different customers. The Tecton is great for trail running, racing, or light-on-their-feet runners that really want good traction & ample agility.

The Speedgoat gives you the cushion you need to roll on longer than you thought you could while managing excellent traction the entire time. If comfort and support are your game, these are a must-have.

Both shoes have some pretty insane durability that Hoka isn’t necessarily known for, but should be. I’ve done my best to absolutely trash these over the last few months but to no avail.

All in all, pick what’s right for you, but none of you will feel disappointed when it comes to product performance.



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