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Out of Bounds – E256 – All Things Outdoor Media

Adam Jaber June 5, 2023

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Out of Bounds – E256 – All Things Outdoor Media

Hello, hello, hello and welcome back to a brand-new episode of The Out Of Bounds podcast, right here on The Out of Collective Network. Today’s show is a special solo episode with host Adam Jaber. Adam is never one to be shy about his opinions and this week he delves into his thoughts on the current state of the outdoor media industry. Topics include copy-cats, cost-cutting, consolidation, cop-outs, click-bait and the overall corporate conglomeration of it all. He discusses the death of Cycling Tips, and the rise of Escape Collective. Also, the sale and the soul of Warren Miller, the future of magazines, podcasts and things coming full circle. What does he think we need more of? Collaboration & community! Is it really trash talking if it’s rooted in honest and constructive criticism? Adam isn’t doing this to get on a high horse and say he has all the answers. But sometimes the first step to positive change is acknowledging or at least calling out what sucks. One thing is for sure what has worked in the past sure as hell is not working today. Disagree? Good! Reach out to us. Share your thoughts. Let’s have the conversations and start the discourse to a path forward and upward. As always don’t forget you can also find this interview and so much more on our YouTube channel, so be sure to like and subscribe.

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