Five Stages of Grief: Ski Edition

Charlie Walker June 5, 2023

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Five Stages of Grief: Ski Season Edition

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. There are only three certainties in life; death, taxes, and the end of ski season. And as we spring full speed ahead into summer the loss of this one hurts just a little more, and cuts a little deeper than years past. She broke records and hearts. Made headlines and sick lines. Alas let’s not say good bye ski season, but I’ll ski ya later.

You may be totally fine with it. Ready for bike season. Maybe you pre-grieved. Or perhaps you’re one of the lucky assholes in Tahoe who will be spring skiing your mornings and lakeside in the afternoon all the way through the 4th of July. For the rest of us normies. We’re sad. And many of us will be working our way through the Five Stages of Grief: Ski Season Edition.

Five Stages of Grief - Ski Season Edition


It ain’t over til it’s over. They’re still skiing in California. It’s not over. The white ribbon of death is still hanging on at Killington. It’s not over. I still have my boots, poles, and skis in my truck. It’s not over. Resorts may be closed here, but they’re just starting winter in the southern hemisphere. Ski season is not over.


Fuck this ski season. I only got four days in. The traffic was horrible. Paid parking is bullshit. It’s so damn expensive. It was too freakin cold. There wasn’t enough snow. There was too much snow. The snow they had wasn’t even that good. The lift lines are too long these days. I hate skiing. I hate skiing and I hate all of you.


It’s ok that ski season is over, I am just going to ski twice as much next season. Since I didn’t ski that much this year, I probably actually saved money, and I can use that money to buy sick new gear for next year, so it’s totally fine. Because skiing is over I can just start getting in the best shape of my life so I’ll be ready next year. Maybe I’m not even a winter guy anyways. I could take up an equally expensive summer sport like mountain biking. And make that my entire personality instead.

Sophia Fischer


I am putting the bummed in ski bum. This sucks. I am so sad. I am going to spend my entire summer at the beach crying because the ocean is salty just like I am. Why is it over? Wish I would have just fallen in a crevasse or tree well and ended it mid-season so I have avoided this pain. I will never love a ski season like I loved this one. I will be depressed forever.


Ok fine. It’s over. I accept that. Ski season giveth and ski season taketh away. But I also accept that opening day is just 158 days away. I accept that skiing is a state of mind not a season and that never ends. So no end, no grief. Guess I will just skip all these steps and go back to doom-scrolling Insta and Ticky Toks of people’s season edits and turning bunny slope circle green with envy of friends lounging by the hot tub in Portillo. I am a skier and that is my burden. Accept it.

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