Chairlift Snacks & Hacks When Making Fresh Tracks

Charlie Walker March 15, 2023

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Chairlift Snacks & Hacks When Making Fresh Tracks

Staying well fueled for a hard charging day on the hill is a no brainer. Today more than ever we need to take on mountain nutrition seriously. It no longer just affects our bodies, it’s coming for our wallets and piece of mind as well. Packing proper snacks is our answer to combat waiting in line for crappy $19 hamburgers and cold chili in a stale bread bowl.

Snacks are the answer, but it also raises the most important question, what are you putting in your pockets?! Pocket bacon is a tried and true standard. Cheap, thin, packable protein. You could also opt for it’s more dead and drier cousin, jerky. More work, less grease. Bars, are an acceptable option. There’s plenty of options in that Cliff bar genre, just avoid Nature Valley Granola Bars unless you want to be finding crumbs and oaks in every crack and crevice five winters from now.

Need a sweeter treat? Trail Mix is a tried and true munchable mini meal. Just be careful your nuts don’t fall off the lift. Or, now this is definitely not an endorsement, but it is a thing that has happened. Fireball. Terrible idea? Yes. BUT, it’s packable, will warm you up, give you a little sugar rush, and a shot of liquid courage. Benefits are minimal, and cinnamon has never tasted more like instant regret, but just laying out options of things. For much smarter and creative choices we checked in with the bevy of hosts on The Out Of Collective to hear what they’re bringing along with them when headed out shredding.

Michelle Parker – Host of “Care Less, Do More”

Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker reminds us snacks are just as important in the backcountry. She likes to snack with an international flair opting for dolmas Dolmas are middle eastern stuffed grape leaves often filled with tasty meat and rice mixture, seasoned with warm spices and loaded with fresh herbs. Might be a little messy, but yum. Just be sure like with all snacks to pack in and pack out your trash. And when back at her home resort of Palisades, Michelle opts for Peanut Butter cookies from the world famous Wildflour. They’re the perfect pocket sized treat to keep her charging hard all day lapping the Mothership.

Adam X – Host of “The Pursuit”

Adam X

When Adam X Sauerwein leaves the van and hits the slopes, he gets a little fruity. His favorite bite size nibbles are dried mangos. It’s a solid choice. Sweet, delicious, and pretty healthy, just like Adam X. But, seriously what a fun option that packs easy and will hold up under any condition since they’re already dried and preserved. And as an added bonus, no scurvy.

Renee McCurdy – Co-Host of “Big Stick Energy”


Co-host of BSE, Renee McCurdy knows how important proper nutrition is to keep up her big sticks energy. Renee loads up all her pockets with things like fig bars, sandwiches or even pizza. She opts for full size pocket meals to be able to skip the lines and ski right through lunch. No lines or overpriced grub for Renee. Just more skiing, smart thinkin and good eatin!

Adam Jaber – Host of “Out Of Bounds Podcast”


Adam Jaber is nothing if not a company man. And he walks the line, talks the talk and walks the walk powering up with show sponsor Muir Energy. But, he’s not doing it because he’s paid to. He legit really enjoys their real food energy gels. Sure they use simple ingredients for next-generation nutrition. But as Adam has repeatedly been quoted “It’s Fast-burning energy that doesn’t taste like butt.” His least butt like and favorite flavor to snack on is Blueberry Bergamot. Find your favorite flavor here!

What kind of chow do you pack when shredding pow?

There are so many great options out there to fill your packs & pockets with, to stay on the hill and charge full speed. Let us know your go-to’s. To be honest the wilder and weirder the better. Send us an email, slide in our DM’s, chirp at us on Twitter or even give us a good old fashioned telephone call at 877-927-3955.

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