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What Skis Does Santa Claus Ride?

Charlie Walker December 12, 2022 1

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What Ski Does Santa Claus Ride?

We all know about the reindeer and the sleigh. But, what planks are jolly ole St. Nick clipping into when it’s time for him to slay downhill on Christmas Eve?

It’s probably not something with a touring binding. He’s got Christmas magic to take care of the uphill. And he obviously doesn’t mess around with a tele ski. The dude means business and firmly puts his boots and heels where they belong, on the skis.

Santas skiing at Sunday River
Photo courtesy of Instagram/Sunday River

Speed is definitely going to be the main focus when picking out a ski for Santa. He’s literally racing against the clock til Christmas morning. But, we can’t have the big guy on straight downhill skis. He’s got too many turns and stops to make. Also, don’t see him on any American skis. Santa Claus is a world traveler and has been doing this for a long time. So it would probably be a euro brand with a strong sense of history and tradition like himself.

Tired of waiting, like a kid on Christmas morning? Well, since you are on the nice list, I will clue you in. Santa Claus skis Atomic’s REDSTER G9 FIS REVOSHOCK M I 193.


Santa Skis Atomic

Yup, jolly ole Santa joins Aleksander Kilde and Mikaela Shiffrin on team Atomic. It really is a no-brainer when you think about it. Santa, at the end of the day, is a winner. Atomic has the World Cup pedigree and podiums behind these skis to make sure he has a successful holiday season. And what better teammate to help take care of Mikaela’s six reindeer she has won in Levi, Finland.

Mikaela Shiffrin Reindeer
Photo courtesy of Facebook/Mikaela Shiffrin

These top tier race skis, have more to offer than just flat out speed the big guy. At only 65mm through the waist these skinny giant slalom skis will easily slide down most chimneys. And lastly, perhaps most importantly, these skis are red. Let’s be honest, most of us pick skis we like based on how they look, and Santa is no exception. If Santa is one thing, he is always on brand. He has a pretty important image to present. And the Atomic Redster, with its rosy red top sheet trimmed with snowy white are the perfect fit.

On behalf of Santa and The Out Of Collective we Ho Ho Hope, you have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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