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An OoC Review: Grand Trunk Evolution Down 20 Hammock

Adam Jaber October 18, 2022

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An OOC REVIEW: Grand Trunk’s Down Hammock Offers a Sleeping Bag Alternative Above the Ground.

All summer and into this fall, I’ve been testing the Grand Trunk Evolution Down 20 Hammock. Testing a down hammock in the summer might sound a bit ridiculous, but there have been cold nights, and there have been scalding nights, and I intend to give you the full picture.

The Gear – Grand Trunk Evolution Down 20 Hammock, $299 U.S

Top View
Grand Trunk Evolution

The Highlights –

Okay, so let me start by saying, I generally hate hammocks. There, we got that out of the way.

  • The 20-degree rated Evolution sports a 650+ RDS certified down filling. Aka, it’ll keep you warm, even if things get reasonably wet.
  • The hammock comes with two carabiners to attach to a strap system. The straps do not come with it, but can be purchased separately, along with a neat little camp stool that will help boost you into your new nest.
  • It packs down well, 13 X 7 X 7 inches, and is 126 x 66 inches when laid out. Worth noting, it packs together exceptionally easy.
  • Grand Trunk claims that that it’ll hold up to 400lbs. I can tell you, at 220, I didn’t feel unstable at any point.

Full Lay View

The Fit:

In this case, “how’d I fit?”

  • One of the things I did not expect, was the comfort that this thing offered. At no point during the evening did I feel shaky, uncomfortable, or even anxious. All of these things have created my general disdain for hammocks. Big win there.
  • Length-wise, at 6ft, 220, I’m not small. This didn’t matter at all, I was able to fully lay out and change positions easily.
  • If there was a complaint to be had in this category, it would be the ease of entry. I did find it a bit harder to get into than a standard hammock. Feel like this one is obvious, due to the down blanket, but that should be said.

Grand Trunk Evo Fold View

Fashion // Function –

Not much fashion to be had when it comes to a floating sleeping bag, but I will say, it’s about as gucci as a hammock can get. Look out for compliments from the floor dwellers.

  • Set up with the strap takes no time, and the stability is confidence inspiring.
  • In warm conditions, I wasn’t sweaty. Yes, this is a 20 degree bag, but you wouldn’t expect to be comfortable while camping in semi-humid, 80 degree nights. Compliments to the chef.
  • During the test period, it never got below 50 degrees. Similarly, there was no time where I felt overly cold. There’s also something about being above the ground that keeps you feeling less temperature affected. Any scientists out there want to give me an education on why that is, hit me up.
  • It’d be a blatant lie to tell you I knew how to properly clean and care for this product long term and I couldn’t find a resource anywhere on the product page, so this review will be updated as that gets squared away.
  • A lifetime-guarantee. This is massive for any piece of outdoor gear. Not only is it a nice “get out of jail free” card, but it shows a confidence in the product from the manufacturer that speaks for itself.

All in all:

This is as good of a product, for the intended user, as I’ve ever tested. Worth noting, while I understand why there isn’t a suspension strap system included, maybe including something would be a good idea. Users are often sporadic with their adventures, and it’s within the realm of possibility that someone orders this hammock, doesn’t dive into details, and just shows up at a campsite. Beyond that, hammock-hater no more, I’d like to try some of their standard ones to see if the quality and comfort is in the same realm. This should speak to you, because generally, sleeping at campsites is not a thing that previously I’d have enjoyed. Now the only ones not enjoying their camping are my partners, as they listen to my incessant snoring.

Fit: 9.0 | Function: 9.5 |Fashion/Aesthetic: 8.0 |

Score: 8.8/10

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