Out Of Bounds – E219 – Chris Benchetler’s Art Reflects Life

Adam Jaber September 19, 2022 1

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Welcome back to the Out of Bounds Podcast on the Out of Collective. This week Adam’s guest paints a different picture of success in the ski industry. You may not know Chris Benchetler but you more than likely know his work. Chris is now the Creative Director for Freeride and Freeski at Atomic. And over the past 15 years he has designed and created some of the most beautiful and artistic top sheets and graphics in skiing. He’s always had a vision in his art and in his pro skiing career, and he does them both first and foremost for himself. It’s that authencity, that helps people connect with his art. His graphics truly make a lasting impact even having fans tattoo themselves with their favorite prints.
He and Adam discuss his influences that have sustained his success and continue to crank out something new. One of the biggest impacts on his creativity has been the Grateful Dead. He explains how their music has been the soundtrack of his life and how their connection with nature and constant improvisation parallels his passion for skiing and surfing. It was a unique perspective that maybe even has Adam turning the page closer to being dead head. The two also discuss the NFT space. While we might not all understand it, we have to remember people felt the same way about analog film and free content on the internet. In the end its just another avenue for Chris to share his work to a wider audience.  This was a beautiful episode just like Chris’ art. His life reflects his art and his art reflects his life. Listen to the full episode now and you can reflect on it all your self! Watch on the YouTube and listen wherever you get your pods. Enjoy!
Also, in this episode a new segment, New News: This week, juices are flowing as snow happened and movies start to premiere. And Yvon Chouinard gives away Patagonia.

Episode Starts: 14:40

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