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Out Of Bounds – E215 – Mario Molina – Executive Director of POW

Adam Jaber August 22, 2022

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This week Adam Jaber’s guest on The Out Of Bounds Podcast is Mario Molina. Mario has been the Executive Director of POW (Protect Our Winters) for the past 4.5 years. He has an extensive background and resume that includes, guiding in the Andes, degrees in Geophysical Science, and collaborating with Al Gore. So who better to head up one of if not the most important climate awareness “brand” and activism body out there? Mario and Adam get into what it is POW actually does. Originally founded by Jeremy Jones, the goal was to activate the outdoor community to advocate, influence, and pass climate policy.

On a daily bases that include education, recruiting Influencers, and lobbying. They talk about POW’s rapid growth, and Mario attributes that to POW being very genuine about what they do, based on principle and passion. And along the same lines finding connections with people admired and respected in various sports and communities as ambassadors. Athletes aren’t one-dimensional characters and are able to use their platform to have a loud voice in the conversation.

Recent progress like the Build Back Better Bill is discussed. Are $369 billion dollars enough? Sadly no, and the work goes on and will likely not be done in our lifetimes. But it is a huge freaking deal. Hopefully one of those damn breaking moments where the pressure building for years breaks through to people. Mario paraphrases Frederick Douglas, noting that we need to be radical in our ideology and principles, and pragmatic in our politics. Progress isn’t always perfect but taking steps forward matters.

What’s next? Midterms. And they matter. Mario firmly believes that climate is a common ground and that politicians amplify the divide for leverage, and the gap is not as wide among constituents. So, vote. Join POW. Listen to the full pod for details on both and more from Mario. And together we might actually be able to Protect Our Winters!


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