Big Stick Energy – E38 – Wild Rye – Cassie Abel

Tori Anderson & Renee McCurdy August 9, 2022 145

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This week’s episode is all about THE perfect mountain biking pants for women-identifying folk. You might be sitting there thinking “shut up, it doesn’t exist” but hot damn it does, and we are here to deliver. We sat down with Wild Rye’s founder and CEO, Cassie Able, to chat about everything her mountain apparel brand is doing to bring inclusivity and purpose to the outdoors. Wild Rye is dedicated to solving some of the outdoor industry’s biggest gaps when it comes to creating and delivering innovative gear that is truly functional, stylish, and body inclusive. We chat about their journey towards making the perfect mountain biking pant; Cassie’s experience breaking norms as a new mom running a million-dollar business; tips for being a business leader in a male-dominated industry; cancel culture and the impact on small businesses; and a hell of a lot more. Make sure you check out their website below and Cassie’s interview with Forbes magazine to learn more about how she is disrupting the outdoor industry with Wild Rye.


Instagram: @wild_rye_


Forbes interview: How This Million Dollar Women-Led Outdoor Brand Inspires A Community Of Adventurers

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