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Review: OneUp Components 240mm v2 Dropper Post

Adam Jaber June 19, 2022 1233 1 5

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An OOC REVIEW: The Longest Dropper of its Day


Two months into running OneUp Components’ 240mm dropper post, I’ve concluded many things, one of which is obvious…it’s big. It’s time to answer the age-old question; is bigger better.

The Post – OneUp Components Dropper Post v2 (240mm)

The Highlights – Retail $229.50 (Lever add-on available for $59.50)

Okay, so why does someone need a 240mm dropper post? If you use the word “need” loosely, it’s because most seatposts at full-drop still have a somewhat significant amount of seat post showing. This one, however, is FULLY out of your way.

  • There are multiple parts to this review, the post itself, and the length.
  • OneUp has done an incredible job in my opinion of drafting a line of effective, creative, and most of all, function-first components.
  • Every post can be shimmed down 10-20mm for optimal fit
  • Lightweight – 680-ish grams ( 31.6 240mm)
  • Speed is adjustable based on cable tension – I personally prefer this over a hydraulic option.
  • OneUp has a fit guide on their site to help determine what size is optimal for you and your bike, use that.

The Spec:

Available Drop Lengths: 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm, 240mm (Tested 240mm)

Available Post Diameters: 30.9, 31.6, 34.9 (tested 34.9)

  • Cable-actuated, and compatible with many aftermarket remotes
  •  The cable end goes in the post side, not the remote, which is key to note because that KS dropper that is reversed, sucks.
  • OneUp claims this is easy to service, and they’re right. I did a basic service at home and had no need to use the shop.
  • Estimated Weight: 680 Grams ( 240mm)

Fashion // Function –

Here, the only fashion we can talk about is the fact that you can brag to your pals about how BIG your post is. If we’re honest, this will be the only time you’ll ever be able to do that, so soak it in.

  • When this post rolled up to the office, I thought “why the f*ck would I need this?”
  • Past-Adam was incorrect, I did need this, especially on a bike like my Revel Rail.
  • I have never quite been able to get my bike out of the way that I’d like, but this makes it feel as if I’m riding a BMX bike. The Rail 29, is NOT a BMX bike.
  • One of my concerns here was fit, and you too should be concerned. This post will not work with every bike or every size, so please do yourself a favor and USE THE GUIDE. A size Large Rail 29 and a barely 6ft me, squeaked by on this front.
  • Another concern I had here was travel time. Meaning; how long does the post take to return to *cough* full-mast. This was a non-issue, in fact, I had even forgotten that I wrote this down as a potential issue.
  • Durability-wise, I do question the potential sustainability of the post when it comes to the amount of exposed stanchion. There’s a lot of room for scarring and scratching there, though to date, this one is okay.
  • Online, I’ve read a few people saying that theirs didn’t feel smooth, but I feel the opposite. This is one of the smoothest dropping sensations I’ve ever experienced, and that’s saying something.

All in All:

If you’ve got a send-style bicycle, that’s in need of a bit more send-ability, this is your jam. No one else is making this, and it almost seems ridiculous because it’s oh-so-good. The price is also extremely affordable, especially if you already have a remote.

Don’t forget, OneUp also offers a two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. If you’ve ever used an OG Reverb, you’ll be happy to have this in your back pocket.

All in all, if you need a dropper, consider this a frontrunner.

Reality (does it do what it says it does): 10  Function: 8  Fashion (swag): 8.5

Score: 8.8/10 


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