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REVIEW: Redshift Sports New Suspension Stem

Adam Jaber June 11, 2022 1562 5

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An OOC REVIEW: A Fresh Take on Suspension Products.

For about a year now, I’ve been running Redshift Sports’ New Suspension stem. I never thought I’d need such a thing, but was I wrong?

The Stem – Redshift Sports ShockStop/ShockStop Pro- $149/$249 U.S

The Highlights

Okay, so hear me out on this one, Bing Bongs.

  • Why would you want suspension in your stem? There are suspension forks for gravel bikes or even super-light XC Bikes, so why do you need just 20mm of *bounce*? Well, because it makes the ride incredibly smooth, without adding much weight, or a need for service. That alone had me intrigued.
  • RedShift is leading a new wave of suspension products, including suspension posts, but this is the one they really hang their hat on.
  • 5 swappable elastomers with varying stiffness levels for totally different ride feel.
Side view? Clearly comfort.

The Spec

Available sizes: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm (Tested 90mm Pro/Standard)


  • The ShockStop Stem is available in two angle options and two steerer tube diameters
  •  +30 degree high-rise version in 80mm and 100mm lengths (only available fo 1 1/8″ steerer)
    • Effective suspension travel: Up to 20mm
    • Includes 5 swappable elastomers to fine-tune your riding style

Estimated Weight: 266 Grams ( 90mm)

Shockstop Pro

  •  Titanium Hardware
    • 15% Reduction in Weight over standard ShockStop
    • Refined premium finish
    • The ShockStop Stem is available in +/-6 degree angle
    • Effective suspension travel – Up to 20mm
    • Includes 5 swappable elastomers to fine-tune your riding style

Estimated Weight: 229 Grams (90mm)

Front End View – Peeking into the land of the elastomer.


Fashion & Function

As some people know, I like style. It’s a very important thing to me, but I’ll never sacrifice function for that reason, you’ll find this line often in my reviews because…well… it’s the truth.

  • I gotta tell you, smashing the gravel roads of the Berkshires and Vermont, isn’t an easy task, but I had ZERO arm-pump at the end of the epic D2R2 route, or the Vermont Overland. Both of these rides are known for their technicality and intense terrain. My legs, trashed, my body though? Better than I ever expected. No BS.
  • Ethan was literally telling me “I think my bike sucks” and then we put one of these on it and he’s changed his mind…for some reason.
  • It was expected that gravel would be the winning category here, but as someone who uses their gravel bike as their road bike frequently, I could not believe how much smoother the on-road feel was, with little negative impact on the pace you put down, or the energy expended over the long haul.
  • Style-wise, let’s be real, it’s a bicycle stem, there’s only so much swag it can have, though I’m sure our friend Tec-Gnar would disagree.

All in all

If you ride in New England, and you ride gravel, this is the cheapest thing beyond tire choice you can do to substantially improve your ride’s performance. Even if you don’t ride where I ride – home to the best gravel in the world – this is a product that I can fully get behind.

Reality (does it do what it says it does): 9

Function: 8.5

Fashion: 6.5

Score: 8/10 

Score one of these stems here —> Redshift Sports


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