Big Stick Energy – E28 – Owning the Back of the Pack – Laura Hall

Tori Anderson & Renee McCurdy May 2, 2022 342

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This week’s episode is all about holding rank at the “Back of the Pack” and embracing being a leisure athlete. Do you remember what it was like to start a new outdoor sport? Feeling like you were holding everyone back because your skill or fitness level wasn’t the same as your partners? Most of us have shared that feeling, yet the responsibility to shape up and show up is always on the person who’s learning. Laura Haul is a rad chick who is helping change this narrative through her organization “Back of the Pack.” We chat about BOTP events; learning how to advocate for yourself at the BOTP AND how to be a better adventure partner if you’re commonly at the front; the “f*ck you wait”; and other hot tips to help everyone have the best time outdoors. Follow Laura’s journey and join the BOTP crew through the links below!


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