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Pod Recap – Big Stick Energy – Episode 23

Tori Anderson & Renee McCurdy March 29, 2022 109

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Big Stick Energy – E23 – Thinking About Bike Season? SAME. w/Alex Pavon

Welcome back to The Out of Collective for the latest installment of Pod Recaps. Kicking off this week with a new episode from your favorite Wombtangers Tori and Renee and a fresh episode of Big Stick Energy. As what little snow remains, starts to melt across North America, the memories of a shit ski season blossom into hope for an epic bike season. To get hyped and raise the stoke for the encroaching bike season, Tori and Renee chat with a professional mountain biker, Alex Pavon. Let’s ride!

Alex Pavon

Alex Pavon

Alex Pavon is a pro mountain bike rider and also the social media manager for Juliana bicycles. She’s also a full-time trauma ICU nurse, and ambassador for Atomic and Evo. And while she started off ski racing in Arizona, and rips on skis, we’re focusing on charging on two wheels. She got into enduro races as an amateur in 2013 and was fast out the gate, and turned pro the following year.

She now rides for Juliana. Santa Cruz made a bike called the Juliana, named after Juliana Furtado, and eventually evolved into its own separate brand. Juliana has gone one to be the first brand to launch an all-female enduro world series team. Alex became an ambassador through her shop but wasn’t long until she finagled her way onto a factory team, and she’s now the social media manager.

That’s about it on the background and the girls then just talk bikes. They get into the elitism of gear in the sport and looking the part. Also a lot of comparisons to the bro’ism in ski culture and its’ prevalence in the bike world. There are also tangents of equitable spaces, resources, and opportunities for women in the sport. But at the end of the day, the common thread is a stoke for bike season. Just get more people on bikes, men and women. Join the cycle. And get pumped for bike season. It’s coming. And it’s all downhill from here until winter decides to grace us with its presence again.

Get pumped for bike season with the full episode and interview with Alex Pavon with the link below or wherever you get your pods. And be sure to leave a review for Big Stick Energy and all episodes of The Collective. We appreciate your feedback. And until next time, we’ll see you on the trails!

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