Pod Recap – Coffee & Van Chats – Episode 95

John Croom March 1, 2022 388

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Coffee & Van Chats – E95 – The Vegan Cyclist: Who is Tyler Pierce?

What is going on everyone, and welcome back to another pod recap breakdown of Coffee and Van Chats on The Out of Collective network. This week our host, John Croom chats with Tyler Pierce, “The Vegan Cyclist”. Tyler’s like is a wild ride and he’s worn many different hats in life. Before we get into it, shout out to sponsors “Spot“, to get your medical bills paid when you get hurt riding around being rad. And Twisted Spoke, check them out online or at your local bike shop for all of your CBD-related needs. Now let’s get to know The Vegan Cyclist, Tyler Pierce!


Tyler Pierce – The Vegan Cyclist

He is vegan. He is a cyclist. But how did Tyler Pierce become “The Vegan Cyclist” and so much more?! Tyler claims that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. However, he’s done a hell of a lot. Though he considers himself an artist or creative more than a content creator, he’s created some great content. Primarily known as kind of an OG Youtuber he has series like “Train Like A Pro” and “The Impossible Route” that encapsulates what he loves most; Ride Bikes. Tell Stories.

A Wild Ride

He’s now so successful that he’s been able to quit his day job and make telling stories and riding bikes his career. But the road to get there was a wild one. He dropped out of high school to sell cars, then joined a pyramid scheme, followed by opening a motorcycle shop. Stay with me here.

Next, he was a debt counselor while being a million dollars in debt himself. Tyler got married and became a parent. He started an online gambling site and forum with his mom. Learned web creation and started creating content with his 4-year-old riding motos. He was pushing his kid too hard and decided to step back. Tyler then started to focus on creating a brand for himself, and it circles back to bikes while training for Jiu Jitsu world competitions. Seriously can’t make this shit up.

Tyler Pierce

He became vegan to help him train while riding bikes. He took Vegan Cyclist to get an SEO boost and it progressed from there. All along the way, his cycling is improving almost as fast as his YouTube subscribers which now boasts over 100k. Brands start to get on board. But he’s doing it all. Filming, editing, riding. Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned that he created a cycling team, Ride Bikes Bro, that also spins off cycling apparel. Who is Tyler Pierce? I’m not sure deep down he knows. And I am pretty sure he doesn’t care. It’s just do, do, do. Keep walking in the same direction, and stay the course. One thing’s for sure, he definitely is, “The Vegan Cyclist”.

Man, what a wild ride of a listen. Hard to stay with Tyler on or off a bike. So apologies if the pod recap is all over the place. But listen to the interview yourself. I promise you will get sucked in just try and keep up. I know I did. Good luck and thank me later!

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