Pod Recap – Big Stick Energy – Episode 20

Tori Anderson & Renee McCurdy March 1, 2022 120

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Pod Recap – Big Stick Energy – Episode 20 – Girls and Gear: Finding Your Dream Ski & The Need for Female Written Gear Reviews

Thanks for joining us here for another Big Stick Energy Pod Recap! A heavy week out there my dudes and ladies, but we’re trudging on. We will leave the Tanner Hall conversation for your listening ears and maybe a separate pod and recap down the road. This week we’re focusing on gear! Focusing on women’s gear. And, it’s no secret getting the right gear can be a struggle for the ladies for a variety of reasons. But this week’s guest, Analisa Price, from “FemiGnarly” is helping us get it all dialed in, so let’s get after it!

Analise Price bagging another summitAnalise Price shredding


It’s hard out there for girls to get the right gear to shred to the best of their ability. That’s just a fact, an unfortunately recurring topic. You can only find limited female gear reviews online. This can directly affect sales in the ski industry. That influences what types of gear and what quantity get made the following season. It’s a vicious cycle with the same result, negatively impacting female participation in winter sports.

Analisa Price skis the PNW and is helping to change at least part of that chain. She has been skiing for six years, and to get ahead she dug into the gear side of things. Now she’s putting down on the page for ladies everywhere with her website “FemiGnarly”. The best part of the website I think is that it’s 100% her passion. She has a real day job. This is a side hustle. She is not swayed by sponsors or brand partnerships. She can just speak on it, with honesty and transparency, all to fight the good fight!

Analise Price

Tori and Renee call Analisa a “data-daddy”. And yup, that fits. She has the analysis on sizes, quantities, specs on a wide range of products. The girl’s nerd out on some serious numerical data and it’s great because numbers aren’t sexist and they don’t lie. The gorls address the difference in performance and accessibility. Too often products have one or the other and not both. And at the end of the day men are still even doing the majority of reviews that are out there. Even for women’s’ gear. It doesn’t make sense and it definitely doesn’t follow the data.

The goal sounds simple. Get women the ideal ski for them. But, there are just so many factors. The ladies talk everything from confidence to camber. This is why “FemiGnarly” is so important, as was this episode. The conversation needs to be had and be heard. Consequently, the more talk, hopefully the more things will change. Hopefully, we’re on the right path. And let’s put the days of pink it and shrink it in the rearview mirror for good! In conclusion, great listen and deep dive on what women are up against when it comes to gear. And props to Analisa for helping to get through to the other side by following the data and a real conversation. Til next time!


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