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Pod Recap – The Pursuit – Episode 45

Adam X Sauerwein February 16, 2022 124

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Pod Recap – The Pursuit – Episode 45: Innovation Awards w/ @SheFlyApparel + @GotBag

The boys are on the road this week. Hopping from Outdoor Retailer in Denver to some hot laps in sunny Tahoe. But if his performance at OR was any indication, it is clear that Mr. AdamX doesn’t stop. So he’s back with another episode of The Pursuit from the road and we’re back again to recap it for you! This week’s show is a 2 parter with two great brands from OR, @SheFlyApparel and @GotBag. Both are making some serious advancements & innovations in gear in different ways.

Sitting Down Or Not, with She Fly Apparel

The first brand Adam chats with is called She Fly Apparel. They make lady pants. But these are no ordinary pantaloons. In their words, She Fly is on a mission to help everyone answer natures’ call in the outdoors comfortably and safely, without exposing skin to the elements or other people. How do they do it? “In addition to the regular zipper fly that allows you to take your pants on and off, a second zipper extends from beneath the first zipper to the back of the waistband. This design allows you to unzip only as far as you need to in order to maximize privacy on the trail, in the woods, or anywhere else nature may call.”

She Fly Apparel

The idea came from a real-world need. Co-Founder Georgia Grace Edwards spent a summer working as a guide on glaciers in Alaska. This simply was just a real pain in the ass for ladies to go #1. Having to go way out of the way for privacy, removing multiple layers of clothes, just to do your business would leave you freezing cold the rest of the day. So they made better pants with this new zipper, and their good-looking, comfortable, and frankly genius. OR thought this was a game-changer too, awarding them the 2022 OR Innovation Award! What lies ahead in the future? Maybe they’ll sell the patent, maybe they’ll keep making pants. But they are mission-driven, and simply want to fix a real problem. So far She Fly Apparel is well on their way and already doing it!

Go Get “Got Bag”

Yup go get a “Got Bag”. That’s it. End of recap. Oh wait, should probably tell you why! Adam talked to Case from Got Bag, a German-based company, saving our oceans one backpack at a time. Their bags are made from 100% recycled plastics in the ocean. Plastics are literally plucked out of the ocean by fishermen and unfortunately, there’s no shortage. A network of around 2000 fishermen is bringing in up to 50 tons of plastic a month. So there’s that. If we were better people these backpacks wouldn’t exist. But they do, and not just backpacks, Weekend bags, shave kits, wallets, and laptop sleeves to name a few. Ultra-durable, waterproof, and doing God’s work. They take care of their supply chain, using as sustainable transportation as possible. Every step they are trying to help the ocean and the planet.

They could do this easier and cheaper, but they’re doing it the right way. So congrats to them on being good humans but also on being another recipient of the Innovation Award at OR last week. Is it going to save us all? Nope, but might as well at least grab a cool-looking bag along the way, so go check em out! Listen to the full episode below!



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Adam X Sauerwein

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