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Pod Recap – The Pursuit – E43 – Eating Humble Pie w/Dan Corn

Adam X Sauerwein January 28, 2022 197

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Catching up with The Pursuit? Then you’re in the right place. This week we’re recapping AdamX’s interview with professional guide Dan Corn. You might recognize Dan most recently from skiing and guiding Cody Townsend and crew’s attempt to summit Mt. Elias in the Fifty Project’s short film “Summit Fever”. This is the first time Dan has ever been on a podcast so we’ll be gentle with him, but we’re still getting right into it. Here is the recap of Episode 43 of The Pursuit, “Eating Humble Pie w/Dan Corn”.

Dan Corn

Dan Corn

We start the beginning in the middle. Diving right into the explosion of backcountry skiing in the past few years. In part because resorts are so expensive and crowded but also because of the advances in gear. AdamX and Dan both have a past of teleskiing because it used to be the easiest way to get up to get down. Now the gear is just so good, and light. Also, the exposure in social media thanks to things like the “Fifty Project” from Cody Townsend. People who’ve always wanted to can now see what it’s actually like to get out there and see what it takes.

Speaking of the Fifty Project, the recent episode, “Summit Fever” features Dan Corn, as they try to summit and ski Mt Elias in Alaska. And while Dan is a guide, he wasn’t actually guiding, just part of the crew. But being a guide and having experience in Alaska and those types of mountains though definitely came in handy. Spoiler alert, it got sketchy. But Dan knows at the heart of being a good guide is knowing when to say when. And truly the journey is what’s memorable not the destination. And the goal of any project is to get home safely.

One thing Dan said that stood out was that the most key ingredient to having success in getting into the backcountry is simply wanting to go. Ya there’s planning, and research, and education and the right gear, but being willing to step into the unknown is really all it takes. Other pieces of advice he would give to all his clients is listen to your guide, and embrace the suck. At the end of the day, even the shittiest conditions are better than doing pretty much everything else everyone in the world is doing. And check your ego.

Dan Corn truly is a chill ski guide guy. He reminds us that skiing is fun. Just be open to learning and be real. Time in the mountains is a pretty privileged space. Just enjoy it. And now go listen to the full episode. You’ll enjoy it!


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