The Weekly Watches – Nov 9th

Charlie Walker November 9, 2021 30

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Every week I just sit down and watch good ski shit on youtube. Sometimes it’s not even ski. Sometimes it’s skate. Sometimes it’s snowboarding. Seldom is it rollerskating.

You get the point, that’s what this is.

“Legal Dancing” – EPPERN

This was such good vibe. Ridiculous skiing.

“Under The Influence” – TGR (2008)

Can we just talk about how absolutely mental that Ian McIntosh crash OPENER was? Kye Peterson skiing some barely parabolic Rossignols. Seth in the red Oaks is a look that will never go out of style.

Dan Paley – “Forwards Sideways” 50to01

I truly don’t understand the level of riding that Dan Paley is on. Flairs? Check. Truckdrivers? Check. Riding a carbon full-suspension? Check. Not to mention those ridiculous 180 downside whips.

“Godspeed” – A skate film directed by Davonte Jolly

Okay, I get it. I’m not up on skate culture the way I wish I was. However, nothing is more exciting to me than a banger of a skate film with an absolutely insane soundtrack. That’s what this is. This is my favorite.

“Connected” – Rosina Freidel – Level1

“The heart beats the same in our chests”

This has everything I love in a ski edit.

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