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5 Holiday Gifts Your People Actually Want

Adam Jaber November 19, 2020 20

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For me, there are two types of gifts around the holidays; things you actually wanted and things you act like you wanted but really just end up in a pile of junk in a drawer or a box somewhere. Let’s not do the second gift this year, it’s a waste.

Here are 5 gifts that your people actually want:

    1. Full Tilt Après Booties – The greatest post ski footwear that has ever existed, in my humble opinion, is back for 20/21 with more colors, and more options than before.  At just $69.95, the slip-on mid-height variation is somewhat inexpensive, warm as (insert expletive)!  The 2.0 is much taller, and harder to get on, but it’s equally as warm, and is nice enough looking to head to a post ski activity and not feel like the dude in high school that wore flip flops and socks every day. FT makes you pay for height and fashion, but at $119.95 this juice could be worth the squeeze
    2. Cotopaxi Teca Cotton Face Mask– Okay, before you get all “why would I want to gift someone I care about a product that reminds them of a global pandemic” hear me out. Cotopaxi has done an incredible job at “Doing Good” even when things have been bad. Every time you buy a Teca Mask, Cotopaxi donates one to a community in need. I realize that doesn’t make this a great present, but it’s the most stylin’ mask around, it’s comfy, and it doesn’t make your face sweat. That seems like something worth gifting to me, especially at $12.99.
    3. IanComptonDesign– While I realize this is not a singular item, you can’t really expect me to do all of your holiday work for you, can you? Ian Compton was a pro skier (might be a good time to listen to episode #32) and is now what I’m calling a pro woodworker. He makes all of the most beautiful stuff in my stuff in my kitchen. From coasters to cutting boards to some of the nicest cutlery around, Compton has the stuff.
    4. A BOOK – There are a few really worthwhile books out there for the winter enthusiast in your life, but here are a couple suggestions for ones that are must-haves. 1. Chris Davenport’s “50 Classic Ski Descents in North America” 2. Kurt Niiler’s “Presidential Skiing” and 3. James Niehues’ “The Man Behind The Maps” book.
    5. Level 1’s OG Sweatpants– A good pair of sweatpants are, and I make no exaggeration here, critical to your survival. These are some good sweatpants, what else do you need to hear? $65 gets your giftee some style & comfort courtesy of Level 1.
      The OG Sweatpants
      The Spalted Salad Set
      Cotopaxi Teca Mask
      Apres Bootie 1.0


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