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Noah Dines Still Likes Skiing After Skiing 645 Hours This Year

Adam Jaber April 14, 2024

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Noah Dines Still Likes Skiing After Skiing 645 Hours This Year

Noah DInes

When I first had Noah Dines on the Out of Bounds Podcast in 2023, I pestered him about whether he would truly like skiing after his attempt to ski over 3 Million Human Powered Vertical feet in 2024. So far, Noah has skied for 645 hours this year and still claims to be enjoying the sport.

Here are some examples of things you could do with 645 hours:

  • If you made the federal minimum wage of $7.25, you would have earned $4,676.25. We really need to work on that minimum wage thing because, well, damn.
  • You could have watched “Oppenheimer” a total of 208.3 times. You probably shouldn’t do this.
  • Drive from Boston to Burlington, VT 201 ish times, and that’s how long Noah has been skiing in 2024.
  • If movies and driving aren’t your thing, you could attend 215 of Taco Bell’s “Happier Hours”. That’s a lot of $1 Baja Blasts.
  • To keep things simple, Noah has skied the equivalent of 26.75 full days.
  • Coincidentally, 645 hours equates to about 8 lift-serviced runs on a Vail Powder day, or so I’ve been told.

Noah DInes

The most impressive part to me about what Noah is doing isn’t the physicality involved. That’s impressive, obviously. The most remarkable thing to some could be Noah’s commitment to getting after it basically every single day, no matter the weather, no matter how he’s feeling, and no matter what obstacles show up in his path. To me, the most impressive thing is that Noah still likes skiing. I can’t tell you how, and I can’t tell you why, but this dude’s positive attitude toward the sport that he’s given so much of himself to is unmatched, no matter how many times curmudgeons like me ask ” Noah, do you still like skiing?”.

The answer has never been anything other than “yes”.

Obviously, thanks to Fischer Skis for being an excellent partner to all of us here at OOC, and to Noah as well.


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