SNO-GO Has Lost Their Dang Minds

Adam Jaber December 2, 2023

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SNO-GO Has Lost Their Dang Minds

The people at SNO-GO have decided that because they’ve proven they have a safe, effective, and fun way to get down the hill, they should be allowed on the resort. Who goes to a ski resort to have fun anyway? 

By taking a bike, putting skis on it, and cruising down the hill, SNO-GO has ruined skiing for everyone, and they might have even ruined biking. It’s far too beginner-friendly. I had some time on one of these, and in one day I was able to navigate through the mountain in a controlled manner and even learned some “spin moves”. This took me years on skis. When learning to turn on two planks, I probably flattened at least 27 pedestrians. With SNO-GO, zero people were flattened. I just don’t understand why anyone would want to do that, how do you even enjoy skiing if you aren’t learning the tricks of the trade? How else would you learn how to crack an egg without cracking at least a dozen eggs? 

You see my point, it’s just too easy and too similar to sports we already do, so what exactly is the purpose? 

As ski resorts look harder at offering these frankenskibikes on their mountains, I urge them to ask themselves, “Do you want to offer a safe and fun new way to explore your terrain?” 

No, you don’t, so keep those SNO-GOs away from us and let us resume our risky activities in peace. 

No more fun. No more SNO-GO.

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