The Pursuit

The Pursuit – EP132 – TeleCraw Update

Adam X Sauerwein October 4, 2023

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The Pursuit – EP132 – TeleCraw Update

You literally cannot say telemark without saying TeleCraw, it’s time for the yearly telemark episode, TeleCraw and I chat about telemark, saving the sport, aliens, sponsorships, influencers and who knows what else.  If you don’t know who Telecraw is… you sure do now.. A true internet friend and amazing human.

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Adam X Sauerwein

AdamX is a writer, podcast host, dedicated coffee- lover, and seasoned adventurer who has a passion for living life to the fullest. With a love of skiing and cycling, he has traveled across the globe to discover new adventures and soak up all the world has to offer. He shares his experiences and the lessons learned along the way. Truly embracing the “Whatever, Whenever” mentality, guests range from Wrestlers to Skiers and everything in between. When not on an expedition into far-flung corners of the planet, AdamX works as a lifestyle and wedding photographer.

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