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BLOG: Sea Otter Classic Best Bikes and Bits

Adam Jaber April 27, 2023

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Sea Otter Classic Best Bikes and Bits

The Sea Otter Classic is not just about bike racing. Actually, the racing is just one small part of the bike bonanza. The show also serves as a launchpad for the cycling industry’s latest and greatest bikes, components, and necessities. There’s so much here, so we’re breaking it down so your tiny attention spans can see what’s important.


Revel Bikes

Revel has made it first. The first 3D-printed Carbon DH bike in existence was on display at the booth last weekend. In addition to this, they’ve launched their new “XCish” Ranger – which clocks in with 115mm travel.

Yeti Cycles

Yeti has dropped a new 27.5 bike on us. The SB135 is a hog, in the best way possible. Think the Santa Cruz 5010, a BMX bike, and an F-1 car had a baby.

Yeti SB Sea Otter
Yeti SB140
Sea Otter SB 135
Yeti SB135


Diamondback brought out a showstopper for 2023’s Sea Otter. Our friend Dustin over at Tec-Gnar did up this special 1 of 1 Haanjo with a Rock Shox fork & a killer paint job.

Digit Bikes

There are many things on this planet that are “needs”, and many things that are “wants”. This is a want that is teetering very close to a need. Small-batch manufacturer Digit Bikes, has created a suspension system that pedals with the ultimate efficiency but descends like a mad dog. A shock stanchion that slips right into the frame? Count me in.

Abbey Bike Tools

At this point in Abbey‘s existence, we know what they do. They make the most beautiful tools on the planet. They’ve got a new DAG, that you can also use to check your hood alignment. They’ve also released a sweet new B-tension adjustment tool.



Pinarello has released a brand-new E-Bike. This is my favorite gravel E machine to date. It’s simple, so simple you’d barely know there was a booster in it. The LCD screen that gives you your power readings is integrated into the top tube. The app is even more impressive, allowing you to toggle the exact assistance you’re looking for right from your phone.

Specialized Bikes

Hot off the press, Specialized has dropped the Brain in favor of a new suspension set up in the new S-Works Epic. Shocks being tucked up into the top tube isn’t new per se, but it’s new for the big S. Additionally, the Diverge, with one of the weirdest looking “suspension” sets on the market was on display too.

Sea Otter s works
The worst photo I took all weekend
Diverge Elastomer

Push Suspension

Push is known for making some of the most bling coil shocks, with performance to match. They brought some secret heat this year with an inverted fork that info is TBD on, but knowing the Pushers, it’ll pack some power.


Obviously, SRAM has taken the MTB world by storm with the release of it’s new Transmission series. Transmission is a complete derailleur, crankset, shifter, cassette, and chain program that allows the user to ditch their derailleur hanger, and shift better under heavy load. The system is fully serviceable from the derailleur cage to the crankset, to the small bits and pieces that make this thing up. The XX1 SL retails at $2200 without a power meter or $2600 with it integrated. Break out your checkbooks.



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