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Favorite Technical Hoodie Ever

Adam Jaber April 13, 2023

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Favorite Technical Hoodie Ever

This little company called IBEX is well known for making some of the best merino wool layers on the market and has excelled in doing so for some time now. I never thought I’d be entering them in as a submission for “Favorite Technical Hoodie Ever” – but here we are.


The IBEX Wool AIRE Hoody ($285 MSRP)

I got sent this hoody back in November to do some testing – and honestly thought it would end up being a “twice-used” deal for someone else on eBay before I tried it on. Incorrect assumptions are a constant in my life, and this is no different. This is my go-to travel hoodie for any trip, because it looks great on in a streetwear kit, but prevents me from needing to pack a mid-layer. Aptly named, the Aire is very airy. Lightweight, extremely breathable, and doesn’t smell like an over-used and under-squeezed sponge after days of consecutive use.

Being based in New England, I usually start most of my ski tours with a layer on, like this one, and rip it off about 100 paces later when I’m inevitably sweaty and uncomfortable. This one, I’ve left on, in a nod to the breathability. Peaking out, very few times was it necessary to swap layers, this one still felt warm and dry on the inside so it never seemed necessary to make the change out that had been standard practice in the past.


The key to all of this versatility and wearability talk is the fit. How could I spend all day in a puffy hoodie that fits like weird athletic wear? I couldn’t. You always see people rolling around mountain towns in similar tops, and I’m guilty of it myself, but I’ve never found it to be particularly comfortable in a non-active setting. In the Aire, this was never a concern.

For reference, I am 6ft, and 215 lbs and the extra large is a great fit, hugging the right spots around the waist and back, but free and easy to move in. Drops down about two inches past my belt, and the sleeves are right to the bottom of my hand.


My previous #1 contender for the “Favorite Technical Hoody” title was Arc’teryx’s Atom LT hoody. While about $25 cheaper, and comfy, it’s not nearly as breathable and tends to hold moisture more than the Aire. The hood on the LT is also slightly less fitted, so throwing it on over a hat while fully zipped isn’t my go-to look. Both are excellent pieces, but the options that the Ibex offering gives you are worth the small spend extra. Plus, it’s got Merino!


I’m glad this thing showed up, and it gave me exactly what I needed through the cold months, and is now seeing use on the bike for the brisk spring mornings on the bike.

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