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What’s a Din Setting – Your Favorite Skier’s Din Setting

Adam Jaber January 12, 2023

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What’s a Din Setting – Your Favorite Skier’s Din Setting

One of the most popular high din bindings: The Look Pivot

Let me start off by saying, THIS IS IN NO WAY A RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU TO GO AND SET UP YOUR OWN BINDINGS. See a professional.

If you’ve wondered why your ski shop is so anal about getting you Boot Sole Length, your height, your weight, your age, and your skier type, it’s because those are the factors that go into reading a DIN chart. These charts are designed to give a ski tech the answers to the question of your DIN setting.  Everyone likes to flex their DIN setting, even though it’s less about your ego and more about your needs. First of all, you don’t even know what DIN stands for… until now. Deutsches Institut für Normung – aka German Institute for Standardization is one of the main components that go into keeping those slidey sticks on your feets.

Typically, you’ll see DIN ranges all over the place, but you won’t see settings much higher than 10 come off a chart unless you’re a rarity. This begs the question; why do bindings commonly go up as high as 18? There are a few reasons, one of which is that it is generally much better to have your setting be in the middle of a bindings capacity. For example, if your DIN is 6, a binding that goes up to 12, or even 10 is sufficient. Does this mean you can’t run a 12 at 12? No, but we like to make this as sure as possible.

Another reason that DINs go up that high? Some people are psychos, and even they see some variance. So before you go spouting off thinking you’re the next Scot Schmidt, take a look at what some of your favorite pros are running their binders at.

Cody Townsend: 13 (sometimes 16)

Mike Douglas: 12

Vasu Sojitra: 12

Sander Hadley: 12

Tyler Curle: 12-14

Michelle Parker: 8

Let us know – What are YOU running your din at?

For more – visit http://www.OutofPodcast.com/reviews

One of our favorite bindings ever? Trendy.

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