A Love Letter To The Ski Resort

Adam Jaber November 21, 2022

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A Love Letter To The Ski Resort

Early morning you drive to your local hill, the same twelve cars parked in the corner of the lot. Employees fill their coffee mugs and head towards the lifts, always on time for your weekly dose. Snowmakers are coming in from the night shift. Clocktower strikes 8:30, first ones up.  Ski patrols awaiting you at the top, this lap is yours.  Top-to-bottom turns, old machines carving perfect corduroy into the mountain.  Second lap, corrals are set, and notes on the board stating trail conditions and daily jokes.  Employees are full of high fives, big smiles, providing today’s playlist. The locals start showing up, everyone’s got something to say: “This place sucks” “Why do they do this shit?” “It’s not that hard ” Thinking we can do it better is a common mistake we all make, this is my statement for everyone reading; Your local ski resort doesn’t suck….. you do.



They may not be epic or ikonic, but they’ll forever feel like home. Where you made your first turns. Where you felt that sensation for the first time.  Where you meet your seasonal friends weekly to do the same thing over and over and over again.  There are many resorts like it, but this one is yours.  The one you hate but still love, the one that you keep coming back to, the one that fills your weekly complaint box but still feels like it’s where you belong. It’s easy to forget how much time and effort goes into your local spot.  From the parking lots to chair lifts, low snow years, and financial burdens. Day in and day out these humans show up, making the best possible experience they can for you.  So let’s all do our part,  keep the stoke levels high, fewer complaints, more compliments.  These local resorts need us; honestly, we need them more than ever…. 



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