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An OOC REVIEW: Season Kin

Adam Jaber November 13, 2022

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An OOC REVIEW: Season Kin Might Be Your Kind of Ski.

Season Eqpt has taken a totally new approach to selling skis, in that they want you to buy them, and run them into dust. The all-black lineup of quality skis has targeted the skier that wants to purchase skis, just less often. I beat the snot out of these, and when I talked to Josh Malczyk from Season, his response was as on-brand as possible. “Tools, not Jewels”

The Gear – Season Kin

Price: $595

Size Tested: 181cm

Size of Tester: 6ft /220 lbs 

Binding Tested With: Tyrolia Attack 13/Salomon Shift

The Highlights –

If you pay attention to any of our channels, you might know by now that I have swooned pretty hard for this ski over the past 10 months. I have around 30 days on this ski and there wasn’t a snow condition I didn’t get to play around on.

  • A *tight* 15m Turn Radius. You’ve probably heard people talk about this, but never realized why it matters. We’ll define the terms in an upcoming article, but in this case, it means it turns quick and easy.
  • 95-98mm underfoot, size variable.
  • 140mm Tip Width, 136mm Tail Width. I feel like at this point in the spec, you should start to get a feel of what this ski is like.
  • 1900 Grams, as Tested.
  • Karuba Wood core + ABS Sidewalls + Quadraxial FiberglassThe Kin in Studio

The Fit/Shape


  • For the way this ski turns and is designed, the 181 is perfect for someone my size or a little smaller.
  • The biggest quarrel I have with this ski is the limited size range. GET ON THAT, SEASON. Three sizes isn’t enough for this ski. The 163 is too big for a large portion of smaller skiers, and anyone bigger than myself will find themselves on a pair of blades.
  • The shape is a beautiful hourglass-like figure. Wide tip, tight underfoot, wide tail. This must be what all the old heads are going on about when they say “shaped skis”.

All in all:

The Kin is soft, but not a soggy noodle. It’s like when you cooked your pasta for the ideal amount of time, and even remember to add some of that pasta water back in at the end. This ski certainly has a top speed. The nice thing is, most of us mortals are never finding it. There’s no such thing as a “bomber” ski that is also playful, those two terms are contradictory. “Balanced” however, is a thing that seems to be a great descriptor for Kin.

At $599, this value is excellent, especially when you consider the fact that most skiers enjoy an all-mountain twin, of some form or another. That disgusting word, versatile, is exactly what a ski like the kin is. You don’t need to know the conditions, you just need to know that you can be confident in the equipment. Rest assured here.

Fit: 7.5 | Function: 9.0 |Fashion/Aesthetic: 9.5

Final Score: 8.7/10




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