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Charlie’s Recaps – Out Of Bounds – Episode 199 – John Watson

Adam Jaber May 6, 2022 610

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Recap – The John Watson Episode

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We’re here to recap pods and give you the quick hits of this week’s episodes. Today’s installment is from The Out Of Bounds Podcast with Host Adam Jaber. Adam’s guest for episode 199 is John Watson. John is the founder of “The Radavist“, which is a cycling website with articles, reviews, tips, how to’s, and just pretty pics of bikes they like. It’s a great outlet and resource on the world wide web for all things bike. He and Adam chat about The Radavist, the current state of cycling, The Pro’s Closet, Lael Wilcox’s controversial FKT of the AZTR, and even psychedelics. This whole episode is a trip, so let’s get into it!

John Watson
John Watson founder and Editor of The Radavist – Photo cred @hinterlanded courtesy of @johnprolly Instagram

John Watson

The Radavist is a place for people who want to ride cool shit, look at cool shit, and build cool shit. It’s a brand and vision that John has curated for over more than a decade. And when looking at it, it’s hard to put your thumb on it, but you also know exactly what it is. He talks about the influence of surf and skate shops growing up and just not seeing anything on the magazine racks or in videos for bikes. And it’s clearly built a strong community around it online.

So strong in fact that The Radavist was recently purchased by The Pro’s Closet in 2021. Some of the sale was burnout, trying to keep everything going as a one man show. And some was finding the right partner to maintain vision, keep things free, and fight off competitors and help grow the vision. It was a business decision. But, John is still very hands on. He’s editor and director of special projects and still controls the content.

They get into the controversy of Lael Wilcox’s FKT of the AZTR. But by the time I look up and research all of those acronymns and even explain who Lael Wilcox is you can just listen or watch that part of the episode for yourself and get a much deeper better explanation. Plus skipping ahead gives us more time to talk about drugs!

Shrooms man…

Adam and John talk about his experience with hallucinogens, specifically mushrooms. (*This is not an endorsement to due drugs legal or illegal, simply recounting one man’s personal experience.) And for John it’s been a very grounding and ego removing experience. H’es read a lot of books on it. And he’s done therapy and done is research. He stopped drinking 5 years ago and had an unhealthy history with alcohol. Psilocybin helped him deal with a lot of past trauma. He goes into details of one specific trip, that only lasted 15 minutes, and it really reconnected him with nature, and just stripped away the noise. It was very interesting. The mind is a real trip man. And at the end of the day, just don’t go licking random desert toads. Watch and listen to this in full above and below!

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