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Pod Recap – Out Of Bounds – Episode 195

Adam Jaber May 4, 2022 251

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Out of Bounds – E195 – Jake Blauvelt and Marcus Caston

Here again to recap the pods for you and this week on Out of Bounds we have another double dose of superstar athletes joining us. First up, is pro snowboarder Jake Blauvelt, followed by pro skier Marcus Caston. Giving you the best of both worlds on The Out Bounds Podcast because we care. Speaking of best of both worlds, this weeks interviews on the pod are also available for viewing on YouTube. If you haven’t subscribed there already, definitely do so. In addition to weekly interviews and episodes there is a lot of exclusive bonus content you can only find there. That’s enough rambling intro time, let’s get into it!

Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt

Jake Blauvelt is a professional snowboarder raised in Vermont and has recently returned after 10 years in Washington state. The longtime pro just wanted to get back to his roots, and set down some roots of his own with his wife and 3 children. And he’s already giving back to the community. He started a banked slalom event at Bolton Valley where he grew up learning to shred. This was the 2nd year and they raised just over 12k to help build a skatepark in Waterbury, VT.

Jake seems like such a genuine good guy. Oh that still absolutely rips by the way. These days he rides for RIDE snowboards and really enjoys being hands on in the development process. He really tries to align himself with brands with the goal of making products better. Basically brands that are as authentic as he is. His other sponsors include Smith and Darn Tough Socks. More conversations in the interview cover mega passes, snowboarding exclusion at resorts, good food, and becoming an athlete to gain endurance and longevity in the sport. You have to tune up your body the same way you tune up your board.

Thanks for coming on the show Jake!

Marcus Caston

Marcus Caston is a pro skier from Salt Lake City. He skis for Tecnica/Blizzard and has had starring roles in multiple Warren Miller Movies. He has a unique style all his own. The undisputed king of hop turns. This is well documented in his own YouTube series, “Return of The Turn“. He’s gone from a race background to traveling the world killing it in big mountains.

Marcus Caston

He and Adam talk the challenges of being a pro and life on the road. And while the pro skier career might not have gone the route he thought, its goin just fine and he still has plenty of goals ahead. One of which is to not get a real job. And while burnt out might not be the right words, it can be exhausting to be one of the most recognizable names in the freestyle film scene. But, skiing still rules.

As the interview gets deeper into things Marcus talks about his relationship with Blizzard and his technical knowledge of what his thinks make good skis for him. Also chats about upcoming projects like going to AK with River Radmus, and then filming again with Warren Miller. I think the take away from this episode for me was that Marcus’ versatility in skiing translates seamlessly to him as a person. He can ski anything so he find and appreciates joy in all aspects of skiing and in people. Also he’s very lowkey funny.

Listen and watch now to take it all in from one of the best out there. And we’ll ski ya next time!

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