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Pod Recap

Pod Recap – The Pursuit – Episode 55

Adam X Sauerwein April 15, 2022 218

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The Pursuit – E55- Being Badass w/ Rach McBride

Welcome back to another pod recap on The Out Of Collective. This one is a rundown of episode 55  of The Pursuit with Mr. AdamX live from Sea Otter in Monterey, California. This is one of not the premiere destination cycling event of the season. So expect a lot of cycling content coming you’re way, and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t get two tired of it. Adam’s guest and interview for this episode is Rach McBride.

Rach is a self-proclaimed badass, age-defying, limit-pushing, and adventure-prone human. They are the world’s first nonbinary pro triathlete who began their cycling career over the age of 30 and has a stack of medals to prove age is just a number. Quick logistics note Ethan finally made a mistake, and messed up the audio on the pod. All the more reason to head over to the YouTube to enjoy the full interview. Both will be linked below, but let’s just get into it!

Rach McBride SwimRach McBride BikeRach McBride run

Rach McBride

Rach McBride has been a pro athlete for 10 years both as a triathlete and now racing bikes. Yes they are non binary, but there is so much more to this kickass human. They came out during the pandemic so there were some big challenges coming back into racing, especially in a world as traditionally binary as sport. Consistently being mis-gendered on race day was just another obstacle when they should be able to focus on competing. But being out there, doing it, and having conversations, they hope to push the sport forward and make it easier for the next person.

Rach dominated their first local triathlon, then podium’d in an Iron Man 70.3 and then it was full speed ahead knowing they weren’t getting any younger. Now their also moving into mountain biking, and diving in all the way with races like the Leadville 100 on tap. And though their ADHD might be impacting things, mountain biking definitely seems like the new shiny thing and a focus for the immediate future.

Now at 44, Rach still has the enthusiasm and competitiveness, most people with they had in their twenties. They still have race to do, and Iron Man goals, and so much they want to achieve. Land, water or on wheels, there’s no slowing down Rach McBride. And Mr. AdamX was right in his intro, calling Rach one of the most interesting, fun, loving caring humans we’ve come across in a long time. Thanks for being on the show Rach!

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Adam X Sauerwein

AdamX is a writer, podcast host, dedicated coffee- lover, and seasoned adventurer who has a passion for living life to the fullest. With a love of skiing and cycling, he has traveled across the globe to discover new adventures and soak up all the world has to offer. He shares his experiences and the lessons learned along the way. Truly embracing the “Whatever, Whenever” mentality, guests range from Wrestlers to Skiers and everything in between. When not on an expedition into far-flung corners of the planet, AdamX works as a lifestyle and wedding photographer.

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