Weekly Watches Are Back – Weekly Watches #3

Adam Jaber April 3, 2022 69 1

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I’ve been busy is my least favorite excuse to not follow through, ever. Nonetheless, I’m using it right now.

Every Sunday, right here, except me to share the best 5 of what I watched on the internet for the week. No action sport is excluded, even Sno Biking and Tele Skiing, sorry.

Here’s This Week’s:

Ahmet Dadali’s Flip The Script Vol. 1:

No matter what you think of Ahmet, this guy can SKI. Hope to see him back on the hill again sooner than later.

Living Men Ride Free – 50to01

If you don’t like the vibe that the 50to01 crew constantly puts out, who are you? I want to know.

We all dream of having a crew of people around us that push us to get better, more creative, and have more FUN. This is that.

The Rasputitsa Redemption Gravel Race – Vermont Overland

With Rasputitsa coming back April 29th, I feel like this is a good time to share something on one of the most soulful “races” in the country. “It’s not about winning”

Kings & Queens of Corbet’s 2022- TOP 3 WOMEN’S RUNS

Piper Kunst is coming on the show this week, and while this is a video of the Top 3, and all three ladies crushed it, Piper SHINED.

Fully believe she’s a star in the making in our sport, if she choses to be.

Being Stevie Williams – DGK

I can’t even begin to write a caption worthy for this one. DGK. Watch this Sh*t.

“It was normal for me to see raids, crack raids”

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